Plegium Pro Plan for business

The smart and affordable way to keep
your employees safe and secure.

Your employees safety is our top priority.

How it works

For you as an employer

  • Distribute one unit (spray/button) per employee
  • Manage devices and users easily directly in the app or via the website
  • Set up common and individual emergency contacts and alarm instructions
  • Devices are linked to each employee’s mobile phone and can be easily updated or replaced at any time during the period

For you as an employee

  • Download the Plegium app, select “activate subscription” and log in with your mobile number
  • Pair your device and phone via Bluetooth inside the Plegium app
  • Add any personal emergency contacts
  • Alert emergency contacts and the emergency call centre with a single touch on your device or in the app
  • Help arrives via police and/or security guards or other emergency services

Alarm centre, police and security guards

In the event of an emergency, the emergency call centre acts on instructions agreed with your company: calls the mobile phone of the person who raised the alarm, alerts 911, and the security service.

The arrival of police or other emergency services can never be guaranteed by either Plegium or the alarm centre, but is determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the situation and load at the time. Security clearance will therefore be an important complement.

Pro vs pro light

Included with Plegium Pro

Feature by PRO LIGHT PRO
Admin portal

Included in
Included in
Common alarm instructions

Included in
Included in
In-app panic button

Included in
Included in
Location Sharing

Live tracking
Live tracking
24/7 Professional Monitoring

Not included in
Included in
Digital service subscription

99 kr/mo per user
$149 kr/mo per user
Smart defence spray or emergency button

Choose between Smart Defence Spray or Smart Emergency Button

from 279 kr per unit
from 279 kr per unit

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