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Maximum strength pepper spray

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Karin S. Verified buyer | March 24, 2023


Feel very safe knowing I have this in a true emergency.

Sorin O. Verified buyer | March 1, 2023


If you have a kid away at college GET THIS! It alerts the authorities, you and 4 other people and it send txts of last location GPS. And once activated it turns also a siren on. It’s awesome for self protection!

Adam. Verified buyer | February 11, 2023

Super helpful

A weight has been lifted off my shoulder - there’s so many dangerous incidents i’ve experienced while on transit or alone in public. As a transit rider, this is a life saver!

Hedras. Verified buyer | January 26, 2023

Incredible product

... for only 50 usd you have all those extra 5 amazing features that will make a huge difference in case of an emergency, this product is above all of their competitors, is totally worth it, 100% recommended!

Mandy Verified buyer | June 27, 2022

Get it!

Feels comfortable in hand, safety feature with having to lift them push, loud siren, bright flashing strobe light, and the GPS feature is exactly spot-on and immediately contacted my emergency contact!


What is the spray pattern of my Plegium self-defense spray?

The Plegium self-defense sprays features a "stream" spray pattern, which has a good balance between range (reaching up to 15 feet) and accuracy (compared to a cone spray pattern), with low risk of blow-back compared to a gel spray pattern.


Can I reuse my Plegium self-defense spray after using it?

Each spray contains 13 ml of menthol spray liquid, which allows for up to 20-30 quick bursts or around 10-15 seconds of continuous spraying. However, for safety reasons, we recommend replacing your spray after use to ensure that you have a full spray available in case of an emergency.

Note that each Plegium defense spray comes with a unique guarantee: if you use your Plegium spray in an assault situation and provide us with a copy of the police report, we will send you a new device for free.

How long does the Plegium self-defense sprays last?
The shelf life of all Plegium self-defense sprays are 4 years. The expiration date of each spray can be found under its flip top safety lid.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions feel free to contact us. Also you can check our FAQ