What will the emergency alerts look like when I trigger my Plegium device?

When you activate your Plegium device (Plegium Smart Defense Spray, Plegium Smart Mini Defense Spray, or Plegium Smart Emergency Button), your emergency contacts will receive an automatic phone call featuring a message stating your name and the activation of your safety device.

Simultaneously, they will receive a text message containing a Google Maps link, displaying your location at the time of activation. This ensures quick and easy identification of your whereabouts in case of an emergency.

For Plegium Plus or Premium subscribers, emergency contacts will receive a similar phone call. However, the text message will differ: instead of a Google Maps link, they will receive a link to a tracking page, allowing them to monitor your live location for up to 3 hours or until you deactivate it.

As a Premium subscriber, these emergency alerts will also be forwarded to a call center, which will promptly inform first responders about your situation.

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